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Preferred Education Providers (P.E.P.s)
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Become a P.E.P.

For more information about becoming a Preferred Education or Training Provider please contact abram@iaoip.org

What is a Preferred Education Provider (P.E.P.)?

The Preferred Education Provider program was created to establish a global network of qualified education providers for individuals and organizations seeking innovation education training. Preferred Education Providers are given the rights to the use of IAOIP intellectual property when teaching innovation education. Preferred Education Providers can help individuals and organizations prepare for IAOIP’s certification exams. They can also help organizations and professionals earn Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Become a Preferred Education Provider (P.E.P.)?

To ensure the delivery of quality training in accordance with IAOIP standards, we take a discerning approach to evaluation and approval of P.E.P candidates.

Why Choose an IAOIP P.E.P.?

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IAOIP P.E.P. Criteria

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Most Active P.E.P.s

Ivory Bridge Group

Florida Institute of Technology

Booz Allen Hamilton
ArtSci Innovation Consulting

For more information about the Association contact us.